Sardar funny jokes -part2

1) Santa - Give me an idea to become poor
    Banta - Make a hindi film with Himesh as hero
    Santa - I asked idea to become poor not a beggar

2) Santa opened a xerox shop and put a big board outside -
    "Xerox done in all languages"

3) Sardar - I have pain in my right leg
    Doctor - It's nothing. It's only because of old age
    Sardar - As far as I know, both my legs are of same age

4) Salesman - Which soap you use?
    Santa - Baba's soap, baba's paste, baba's brush
    Salesman - Is baba's an international company?
    Santa : Baba is my room mate

5) Sardar wrote to Bill Gates about pc's & windows problems
    a - My child learnt MS word and now he wants MS sentence
    b - Found only re-cycle but no re-scooter
          I need it, as I owe a Vespa scooter
    c - I see MS office but I need MS home, as I use pc at home
    d - Finally, how's that your name is Gates but you are selling windows

6) In an African safari, a lion suddenly bounced on Santa's wife
    Wife - shoot him! shoot him!
    Santa - yes, yes. I am changing the battery in my camera

7) A doctor returns to his clinic after a day off and asks his assistant Santa about his patients
    Santa - 1st patient came with Headache, I gave him saridon
    Dr - good job
    Santa - 2nd, with running nose, I gave him sinarest
    Dr - good job again!
    Santa - 3rd was a lady
    She took-off her clothes, went on the bed, opened her legs and said,
    "Help me, I have not seen a man for last 5 months!"
    Surprised Dr - what did you do then?
    Santa - I put CIPLOX EYE DROPS in her eyes