Sardar funny jokes -part1

1) Santa - Why do girls look beautiful? Is it real or due to make up?
    Banta - All false. Girls look beautiful because boys have good imagination

2) Teacher - Who is a terrorist?
    Santa - Terrorist is a tourist who comes from other country to celebrate
                diwali in our country

3) Man - How was your exam today?
    Sardar - Fine, except for one question which was difficult
    Man - Which one?
    Sardar - What is the past tense of THINK?
    I thought about it and wrote THUNK

4) Computer teacher to sardar - What are the three latest versions of java?
    Sardar - MarJava, MitJava, LutJava

5) Sardar was sleeping in his bed room with his wife
    What you want now?
    Let him sleep with his wife

6) Santa shouting at his girl friend
    You said we will do register marriage & cheated me
    I was waiting for you yesterday whole day in the post office

7) Santa invested 2 lakhs in a business and suffered huge losses
    Do you know what the business was?
    He opened a saloon in Punjab

8) Slam book filled by Santa -
    Strength - My wife, Jeeto
    Weakness - Banta's wife, Preeto
    Opportunity - When Banta is on tour
    Threat - When I am on tour

9) Santa - Madam these undergarments will look nice on you
    Lady - How can you be so sure?
    Santa -  I have done diploma in interior designing

10) Once Santa was trying to impress a young lady
      Santa - I have seen u some where
      Lady - Possible, I am a nurse working in MENTAL HOSPITAL