English funny jokes -part2

1) Son - I want to tell you something
    Dad - It's not good to talk while eating
    (after eating)
    Dad - Now tel me
    Son - There was a cockroach in your food

2) Rich man - I have 10 cars, 4 bungalows and 3 estates. That's my range.
                      What about you?
    Poor man - I have 1 son, he has 1 lover & she is your daughter. That's my range

3) If you didn't have a GOOD DAY, don't worry
    There are many other biscuits like
    Little Hearts
    Try them

4) What is the other name for an "affair" after marriage?
    Change your service provider without changing your number

5) America launched iPhone 5 and India launches
    Diesel 5, LPG 6

6) Pappu stood in plane and shouted Hi-Jack
    Everyone started worrying and crying
    Then Jack stood and replied hi Pappu

7) FEMALE'S CRITERIA for life partner -
    They expect their MEN to look like Mr Universe,
    Earn like Bill Gates &
    Obey like Ramu Kaka

8) A girl was dead and her soul was taken to heaven
    God was shocked to see her heart beating
    Girl replied only I am dead but my boy friend still lives in my heart
    So then the girl was sent to hell for overacting

9) I finally figured out the answer to the question -
    What do I want to be when I grow up?
    The answer is SMALL AGAIN

10) Real friends will fight with you and say go to hell
      But in heart they say idiot wherever you go I will be with you
      That's true friendship